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Established in 2004, Sea Fly Services Co., Ltd is a French freight forwarder headquartered in Bangkok, with a multilingual staff (Thai, Laotian, French, English and Vietnamese). Sea Fly Services Co., Ltd. is happy to provide information and advice, and to provide a totally personalized service to our partners and customers, by carefully managing every aspect of their needs.

With the many years of experience of our people, Sea Fly Services is able to provide all the services required from a freight forwarder, including, but not limited to:

- General Air and Sea freight business
- Removal, relocation, pick and pack
- Air Charter, Bulk shipments, projects
- Fresh or Perishable products, Live animals
- Transit shipments, Cross Border Transportation, In-Transit and Export Cargo between Thailand-Lao and between Thailand-Burma

Our aim is always to assist and secure business by using any new communication technology (be it chat on line, live help, instant quote, etc...)

Sea Fly Services, Co., Ltd. Your team partner in Thailand and Laos       


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"Super boulot!!"

Merci à François et à son équipe pour nous avoir accompagné tout au long de cette expédition. Je recommande Seafly à tout le monde désireux d'avoir un partenaire sérieux, efficace et flexible.



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